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Sam's Light

 A Sam's Light In Use

A Sam's Light In Use

Fiber Optic Illuminator Vein Light

A new fiber optic illuminator vein light developed for excellent visualization of the venous network, especially reticular veins. Wagner Medical has over 6 years of experience with sales and service of fiber optic illuminator vein lights. The Sam's Light vein light is recognized by practitioners as one of the most effective products in the field. Read our testimonials to see what doctors across North America are saying about Sam's Light.


  • To better see and visualize the venous network
  • See and treat reticular veins
  • Educate patient about their venous treatment
  • “Speed Up” sclerotherapy treatment time
  • Speed up time educating and teaching nurses, PAs, NPs, etc. about treatment of veins
  • Vein mapping


Ted King (National Medical Director, Vein Clinics of America): "I have found Sam's Light - "A Vein Light" to be very useful in the treatment of spider veins. Not only does it help in locating the feeder veins that lead to a stubborn cluster of vessels, but it also clearly defines trapped blood. My patients are often amazed when I show them how much I can see with it."

Dr. Richard Owens (Minor Procedures of Madison, WI): “Thank you for your support of our medical missions to Honduras! Your vein light was a big hit with the other doctors, most of whom had never heard of them. They loved being able to see where the sclerotherapy drug solution foam was going!"

Dr. Paul R. Preseton (Laser Med of North Bay, Ontario): “My experience has been fantastic with the Sam’s Light vein light. I can’t imagine practicing without it. The ability to visualize the subcutaneous reticular veins, which often feed the surface pathology, is irreplaceable—particularly in treating the lateral subdermal plexus.”

Dr. John Happel (Happel Laser & Vein Center of McMurray, PA): “I have been using the Sam’s Light vein light on a daily basis and have found it indispensable in treating reticular and spider veins. I originally intended to use the vein light only occasionally in more difficult cases, but I have now become addicted to using this fabulous instrument!”

Dr. Palmer White (Laser Light Treatment Center, Novato, CA): “I have been using your vein light extensively for sclerotherapy and interruption of reticular veins. I think your vein light is great and would recommend it to anyone!”

Our Promise: Unmatched Customer Service

Wagner Medical is committed to the very highest level of customer service in the market today. Whether you have questions about our products or you need any type of product service, please call us anytime and see why our customers keep coming back.

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