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Elcat Sample CurveSample Curve

General Information

Sample Curve

Fields of Application

Quantitative Plethysmography

First Automatic - Calibration Photoplethysmograph

  • Automatic calibration feature enables adaptation to different skin topography and pigmentation.
  • The venous pump power (curveĀ“s amplitude) is quantitatively and reproducibly measured regardless of skin color and baseline blood flow.
  • Automatic waveform analysis
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Compact, convenient
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent cost performance ratio

General Information

In 1981, LRR (light reflection rheography) was developed in Germany as a method to diagnose venous insufficiency. With appropriate wavelengths and well designed light-ray geometries, changing amounts of blood in the superficial veins can be recorded. The critical parameter is skin reflectivity that changes within the measured area.

Venous pump power is determined by the movement of patient calf muscle contrac-tion. As peripheral venous pressure decreases with calf muscle action, arterial inflow refills the leg.

Quantitative Plethysmography represents a substantial improvement in the diagnosis of venous insufficiency.

The D-PPG unit (digital photoplethysmograph) is based on state-of-the-art micro- processor technology, with regular upgrades available to maintain compatibility with future improvements.

Visual and audible signals provided by the D-PPG facilitate patient examinations with error-free operation and time-saving features. Data recording automatically begins only after initial blood-circulation has reached a constant baseline. A built-in metronome facilitates patient compliance with the movement routines.

Ease of use is insured by the structured menu on the LCD display as well as by a built-in demonstration program.

Sample Curve

Results obtained are stored and printed out on command. The printed report includes, in addition to the D-PPG waveform, additional helpful hemodynamic parameters.

Most important parameters: To,Vo

Fields of Application

Measurement of venous function i.e. quantifying the venous pump power of the calf muscle pump

  • Differentiation between healthy and pathologic venous states
  • Determination of degree of venous insufficiency
  • Rapid diagnosis of venous function in high risk patients (pregnant women, prolonged bed confinement)
  • Ability to follow progression of venous pathology
  • Evaluation of leg pain of uncertain origin
  • Assessment of need for surgical or medical intervention
  • Evaluation of therapeutic results fol-lowing surgical ligation or stripping, ambulatory phlebectomy or sclero-therapy

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